Insights Hub - Customer Feedback Analytics

Turn scattered feedback into eye-opening insights

Bring all your feedback under one roof. Automatically extract meaningful insights. Get answers and ideas based on real feedback. Launch follow-up surveys for a complete picture, all from one platform.
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Your feedback’s new home

Off-line chats
Pull all your feedback into the Hub and let AI take care of the rest.
Quickly get to precious customer insights without sifting through every comment.
Automatic sorting
No more scattered feedback and manual tagging. Your Hub automatically pulls in and categorizes user feedback from all channels.
Insights on a silver platter
AI analyzes your raw feedback and extracts key insights, so you’re always up to date and ready to act.
All feedback under one roof
End the scavenger hunt for feedback scattered across platforms. Connect sources and watch insights flow in.

Become the ultimate know-it-all

AI Research Assistant
Conversational feedback-based chat
Knowledge is power, and now it's at your fingertips.
With Research Assistant, you can squeeze every bit of useful information from your feedback.
Get deeper insights
Did customers enjoy the last update? What features do they want next? Ask and get immediate answers based on real feedback.
Look for answers within
Find answers in existing feedback and skip unnecessary research. Let AI synthesize feedback while you focus on interviews.
Know the source
Trace responses back to their original source with annotations to see which feedback inspired each insight.

Complete your customer feedback puzzle with surveys

Website and In-product
Email and Link
Website and In-product
Email and Link
When in doubt, run a survey to fill in the missing pieces.
in product
The fastest way to insights
Don’t just wait for feedback. Launch surveys directly from Survicate and gather insights in minutes.
Easily fill in the gaps
Need more details? Run a survey to quickly clear up your doubts and stay close to your customers.
Ask, listen, connect the dots
Why pay for multiple tools? Run surveys, gather feedback from all sources, and analyze everything in one place.
“The big advantage of Survicate is that it's very easy to set up. It's just a few clicks to start getting user feedback. ”
Alessa, Product Manager
at Workwise

Tame your feedback in four easy steps

Connect in one click to reach user insights in no time
1. Connect sources
Link feedback sources to your Hub. Get insights flowing automatically in real time.
2. Uncover new insights
Get all your feedback sorted and categorized. Immediately see the most impactful insights.
3. Dive into details
Chat with your Insights Assistant to uncover more answers. Trace back to specific pieces of feedback.
4. Follow up with a survey
Run surveys to quickly collect more direct feedback. Get a complete picture of your customers’ needs and wants.
in product
in product
in product
in product

Reliable insights, bulletproof security

Trace back to original sources and set custom categories.
AI is here to help, but you stay in charge.
Traceable insights
Research Assistant generates responses based on your customer feedback and links back to the original source for more context.
Data security
Insights Hub keeps your data safe and private. It’s never used for training AI models.
Custom categories
Our Hub uses AI to sort feedback into pre-defined categories for a quick start. You can also set custom categories to fit your needs.
“At Survicate, safeguarding our users’ data is our top priority. We use cutting-edge technologies to protect against threats and continuously monitor our systems for top security. We conduct regular audits and adhere to recognized standards, like ISO, to keep our security measures up to date. ”
Rudi Kosiór, Security Officer
at Survicate

Be the first to uncover meaningful insights from your feedback

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