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The HubSpot CMS and CRM platform helps countless businesses grow through marketing, sales, and customer service. There is a lot to like about HubSpot, but you can’t do it all with the tool alone. To run an CES survey, you need an integration with a survey tool.

To help you decide, we listed the very best CES tools that integrate with HubSpot so you can collect feedback more easily within your CRM.

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How does a HubSpot integration work for measuring CES?

Before we start, do you wonder why it's even necessary to integrate your CES tool with HubSpot

The major reason is that you can empower your teams with real-time data synced in HubSpot Contacts without asking your respondent for personal data.

You’re probably aware that a CES survey is a customer effort score survey. This means that you measure how difficult or easy it is for a customer to perform a certain task with your product.

By connecting HubSpot with your CES survey results, you can immediately spot which of your customers has issues with something in your product. This way, you can reach out to them, segment them as an audience and offer them help.

In short, you can personalize your approach to your customers by connecting HubSpot with your favorite CES survey app. Wondering which survey software to use? Here are our top picks.

Survicate was named HubSpot's Top Customer Service App in 2024


Survicate seems to be made for working with HubSpot seamlessly. Although it's a survey tool that offers a lot of capabilities, it's extremely easy to use. The survey designer is perfect for no-code beginners who want to create professional-looking surveys without spending hours on editing.

The customer effort score questions will be presented in a way that catches the users' attention and gets them to leave an answer. Once your customers' responses are collected, they will be automatically sent to HubSpot. As easy as pie.

Best Features

  • Code-free, one-click integration setup
  • A bank of responsive CES survey templates designed by experts
  • Survey design flexibility and high customization options
  • Triggering HubSpot workflows based on survey responses
  • Real-time notifications about new survey results via email and Slack
  • Result exports to Google Sheets, Excel, etc.
  • Many other integrations with CRMs, email marketing, and other tools


Survicate offers a 10-day free trial that comes with all Business plan features, including the HubSpot integration and 30+ other native integrations.

Free plan

✅The free trial includes the HubSpot integration. Now is the perfect time to try it out and reach your customers where they are.

Price-quality ratio

Considering the price and features of Survicate – it fulfills its goals 5 out of 5. Even the forever-free plan includes a HubSpot integration! For this quality and price, you won't find a better CES tool integrated with HubSpot 🎉


Another tool compatible with HubSpot is InMoment, formerly known as Wootric. It's a cloud-based software for optimizing customer experience (CX).  It provides a closed-loop system to improve the customer experience with interactive surveys, among other things.

Top 7 CES Tools that integrate with HubSpot - InMoment
InMoment, the enterprise tool for customer fedeback

It mostly focuses on analytics that provides trends and insight to help you retain more customers. InMoment is great for basic CES research but doesn't offer much for more advanced and complex analyses.

While the HubSpot integration with the InMoment platform is not perfect, it works well. For example, users can automatically notify the support team if a customer responds with a low score. Or, create a smart list of respondents who give a high score.

Best Features


Two ready-made plans are available – CoreCX to monitor and gather feedback and Enterprise for flexibility and scale. They can also provide a custom plan. The vendor doesn't give a detailed price list, but it does offer insight into what you can expect from each plan. 

Free plan

🚩InMoment offers a free plan upon request.

Price-quality ratio

As the vendor doesn't provide much information about the prices, it's hard to determine how to price quality compares. But as compared to Survicate, it doesn't offer a free plan. But still provides many useful options when it comes to HubSpot integration.


AskNicely is another tool that includes HubSpot in its arsenal of integrations. The solution promises to provide seamless import of HubSpot lists into AskNicely. All of these to understand the customers even more.

Top 7 CES Tools that integrate with HubSpot - AskNicely
An easy way to embed surveys in HubSpot - AskNicely

The ability to link survey results directly to contacts is one of the most useful features of this integration. Additionally, you can combine the data points in HubSpot to create targeted lists of contacts.

The tool highlights the usage of HubSpot, mostly for NPS surveys. Some features might not work properly. Beginners may find the more advanced features overwhelming.

Best Features

  • Automated daily surveying of your customers from the HubSpot list
  • Creating a targeted list of contacts
  • Filtering by the data points that matter to your business
  • Receiving feedback via email, SMS, or the web
  • Live sharing of customer feedback via TV, mobile app, and PowerPoint.
  • Automation based on rules that trigger emails or integrations


In addition to the platform that lets you create surveys, AskNicely offers add-ons that provide enterprise-ready features. A demo is available upon request. The vendor does not provide any further pricing information.

Free plan

🚩AskNicely doesn’t provide a free plan.

Price-quality ratio

AskNicely provides many options for HubSpot integration, but it's quite difficult to use, which might be a problem some users cannot overcome. According to G2, data exports between the two tools also have some bugs. Since we want the integration to be available to all users, these things could disqualify it as the best choice for HubSpot integration.


SMSFactor is a slightly different tool from the others on this list. It’s a business text service that provides a HubSpot plugin to help import CES data from SMS surveys to the HubSpot list.

Top 7 CES Tools that integrate with HubSpot - SMSFactor
Add SMS survey data to HubSpot with SMSFactor

This tool isn't available in many countries, including the United Kingdom, making it unusable for CES research in many cases. Thus, HubSpot integration would not be applicable here either.

In any case, if your target country is on the list, it's a great tool for driving CES research and getting customer feedback right at the moment of their customer journey.

Best Features

  • Automated scenarios to create an SMS communication strategy
  • Sending professional text messages from the HubSpot account
  • Sending meeting and appointment reminders
  • Programing individual and group messaging from workflows via the HubSpot SMS plugin


SMSFactor provides relatively complicated pricing. The prices vary depending on the features and the country you want to send text messages. For example, the prices for France vary between $65 for the package of 1,000 SMS messages to $19,500 for 500,000 SMS messages. There is no information about the cost of the HubSpot plugin. 

Free plan

🚩SMSFactor doesn’t provide a free plan.

Price-quality ratio

To be honest, the price and quality ratio depends on the customer base. Suppose you have many messages to send. Also, to its disadvantage, it is not very intuitive.

Top 7 CES Tools that integrate with HubSpot banner 2


Using SurveySensum's Experience Management Platform, brands can turn customer feedback into actionable insights. The tool provides a variety of functionalities based on your preferences. 

Top 7 CES Tools that integrate with HubSpot - SurveySensum
An effortless way to add surveys to your HubSpot COS - SurveySensum

Among them are quick surveys, unlimited training hours, and feedback strategy consultation to determine the best method for collecting customer feedback. 

Even though SurveySensum has many powerful features, some aren't immediately apparent to the user, especially if they're beginners. The UI and UX, and the overall user journey, are something that SurveySensum should improve.

Best Features

  • Creating new leads in the HubSpot CRM
  • Triggering CES surveys (as well as NPS and CSAT) when tickets status are updated
  • Tracking responses in HubSpot contacts
  • Quick online surveys 
  • Feedback strategy consultation


SurveySensum offers a variety of pricing options. You can expect to pay between $61 and $624 per month, depending on the number of responses: more survey responses – higher pricing. Demos are available upon request.

Free plan

✅Yes, SurveySensum provides a free plan.

Price-quality ratio

HubSpot integration works fairly well, but it's not the easiest to set up and may require some assistance. As a side note and a big plus for the solution – the integration works with all HubSpot plans and the free version of SurveySensum. Although the higher plans are pricey – they may not be affordable for many businesses if they need more complex solutions.


As its name suggests, Simplesat offers an intuitive survey builder for creating simple surveys. This CES tool is also compatible with HubSpot to enhance the feedback process even more. What is it like?

Top 7 CES Tools that integrate with HubSpot - Simplesat
Simple way to add surveys in HubSpot - Simplesat

By integrating Simplesat with HubSpot, you can update contacts and objects with customer ratings, create follow-up tickets based on feedback, and sync ticket details so that the team can get overall control over customer satisfaction. Another benefit of the tool is its easy use and master.

When you need more in-depth research, the survey might not be sufficient – so you might run into a block. This tool provides a basic insight into customer CES but not much else.

Best Features

  • Follow-up tickets from responses
  • Creating custom objects from feedback
  • Multi-brand account support
  • Responsive survey design
  • Updating tickets with custom fields and response details


The plan comes in two options: A standard plan for $99 per month with unlimited users, customers, and surveys; or a Pro plan for $249 per month with multi-brand support. The solution offers a 14-day free trial with full access. 

Free plan

🚩Simplesat doesn’t provide a free plan.

Price-quality ratio

Simplesat offers good quality for a reasonable price. HubSpot's integration works well and offers many options for streamlining the team's activities. In general, however, it's better suited to simple CES studies than more in-depth ones.

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback – this friendly sounding CES tool is the customer and employee feedback survey application worth checking out. The software provides white-labeled surveys, forms, polls, and quizzes that are easy to create. But how does it work with HubSpot?

Top 7 CES Tools that integrate with HubSpot - ZonkaFeedback
Not the most intuitive tool but very capable - ZonkaFeedback

Through its HubSpot Integration, subscribers can track customer satisfaction, net promoter score, and customer effort score. Also, it provides teams with real-time data synced up with HubSpot Contacts.

Although the interface is straightforward, creating a more detailed CES survey takes time. It is not possible to drag and drop pre-built questions. Instead, you need to type each one manually. 

Best Features

  • Taking feedback on the website or in-app
  • Offline feedback 
  • Pre-built reports
  • Fully customizable surveys
  • Tracking the voice of the customer with CX metrics


There are six pricing plans to select from two for personal use and four for business use. Starting at $29, they go up to over $499. There is also the possibility to choose from additional add-ons such as SMS credits ($100 per month) and/or additional users ($19 per month). 

Free plan

🚩Zonka Feedback does not offer a free plan. 

Price-quality ratio

HubSpot integration is considered a Premium among Zonka integrations. That’s why it’s available only for $199/mo from the plan. Regarding the software's resistance and lack of an exceptional user experience – the price-quality ratio is rather low compared to the other options.

Run CES surveys in HubSpot with Survicate

HubSpot is a powerful tool, but it can be an even more formidable in your marketing arsenal when integrated with a survey tool. With Survicate, you can send your first CES survey in minutes using the Survicate-HubSpot integration. Simply sign up for the free trial and start collecting customer insights today! 🚀

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