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Showing off how you use customer insights can set your agency apart. Become the top choice for companies wanting a competitive advantage.
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Armed with customer feedback, your clients can understand what their users think, improve their products and services, and grow their business according to their customers' needs.
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Partnering with Survicate is a great way to increase your earnings. For every client you send our way, you get a 20% recurring commission.

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Partnership made easy

Ongoing support
The Survicate team has your back. We're here to support you every step of the way. Providing the assistance and resources you need to ensure your success.
Resources and educational materials
No need to start from scratch. Dive into our ready-to-use assets. We've curated a toolkit of practical guides and valuable materials to empower you to become a Survicate pro.
Guided onboarding
Start our partner journey with ease. Our onboarding is designed to be smooth and stress-free, providing you with step-by-step assistance to quickly get you up to speed.
Effortless earnings
With Survicate, earning additional revenue is straightforward. Simply refer clients to us using a dedicated referral link, or let us know directly, and we’ll take care of the rest. When your referral becomes a paying Survicate customer, a 20% revenue share kicks in automatically.

Effortless Integrations,
Powerful Insights

With over 60 integrations, including 20 native ones, Survicate fits effortlessly into any tech stack your clients already use. This simplicity means you can easily help your clients start using Survicate, from setting up to sending out their first surveys. These native integrations ensure data moves seamlessly to and from Survicate, empowering your clients to quickly gather, analyze, and act on feedback.
Launch powerful automations based on survey responses
Send survey responses as events to Amplitude
Save survey responses as contact properties, tags and events in Drip
Watch session recordings associated with the corresponding survey responses
Google Analytics
Combine data from Google Analytics with survey responses
Google Sheets
Send survey responses in real-time to a specific spreadsheet
Trigger HubSpot workflows based on survey responses
Send survey responses to Intercom contacts
Update Klaviyo contacts with survey responses
Grow your Mailchimp list with surveys
Send website and email surveys responses to Marketo
Microsoft Teams
Get instant Microsoft Teams alerts about new survey responses
Send survey responses as user events to Mixpanel
Enhance quantitative data with feedback from website visitors
Save survey responses as contact fields in Pardot
Send survey responses as notes to Productboard
Trigger Salesforce workflows based on survey responses
Send survey answers to your Segment destinations and warehouses
Get instant Slack alerts about new survey responses
Connect survey responses with web sessions in Smartlook
Tag Manager
Easily install Survicate Tracking Code on your website
Enrich customer profiles in Woopra with survey responses
Trigger workflows based on survey responses in 2 000+ apps
Create or update Zendesk tickets with survey responses

Why choose Survicate for your customers?

Easily tap into customer insights

  • Build any survey in minutes using an intuitive drag-and-drop creator, no coding required
  • Automate feedback collection with recurring surveys for a constant stream of valuable insights
  • Integrate with your favorite tools in a single click to enrich your data with customer feedback

Capture feedback everywhere

  • Survey your audience via email, on your website, in your mobile app, or in the Intercom messenger
  • Collect relevant feedback at the right time from the right users with advanced yet intuitive targeting
  • Reach customers at every touchpoint to get comprehensive insights

Surveys as unique as your business

  • Add your logo, brand colors and custom messages to make each survey an extension of your brand
  • Translate your surveys and use advanced logic to create engaging custom question flows
  • Deliver a consistent on-brand user experience and collect more responses

One-and-done integrations

  • One click is all it takes to connect Survicate securely with your favorite CRM, marketing, and analytics tools
  • Send survey responses directly to your tool stack and act on customer insights instantly
  • Paint a full picture by combining survey responses with your existing customer data

A single tool for all your feedback needs

  • All your feedback needs sorted, from NPS, CSAT, and CES, to website and product feedback.
  • Run user research to uncover valuable insights, and effortlessly pass them on to your other tools for better decision-making.
  • Improve prioritization, customer discovery, and audience targeting to optimize acquisition and retention.

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